Billionaires, Bad Boys, and Bondage, Part 3

In this series, I’ve been looking at how my novels stack up against the hottest trend in fiction right now: billionaire bad boys who are into bondage. So far I’ve covered the Billionaire factor and one of the two components of the Bad Boy, Inner Torment. In this post: the other half of the Bad Boy factor, Jackassery.

The guys in these books, I don’t know. It’s a good thing they’re rich and they’re hot, because it’s kind of hard to tell why any woman would want to have anything to do with them at all otherwise. They refuse to take No for an answer, they manipulate or coerce Sweet Young Thing into sexual practices that are outside of her normal preferences and comfort zone, they control where she goes and when and who she sees… If you’ve ever read any of those Top Ten Signs Your Partner Is An Abuser lists, this is probably starting to sound familiar.

Sweet Young Thing usually does stand up for herself against Bux Cashton eventually (reviews are divided on whether or not readers appreciate that development), and that does sometimes seem to be a turning point in the plot, with the guy maybe coming to realize that there are other ways of interacting with women besides being a complete jerkface to them.

Yeah, it’s a common fantasy, the tormented jerk who comes to appreciate the woman who is so patient and understanding with him and is reformed into a nice, loving, romantic, wonderful guy. But there has to be something there in the first place to make Sweet Young Thing think it’ll be worth all the jackassery she has to put up with in the meantime. Are hot, rich, and tormented enough? Apparently so.

Anyway, here’s the Jackassery ratings on my own heroes (with bonus notes about how the ladies deal with it):

Prince Eruz (Urdaisunia): Considering everything he’s dealing with in his personal and professional lives, Eruz is really a pretty nice guy. He commits two main acts of jackassery where Rashali is concerned, neither of which are intended to be controlling, bad, evilly underhanded, or otherwise offensive, although they certainly come across that way. One is more a matter of social ineptitude than anything else (Eruz isn’t really a people person), the other is a matter of urgent political necessity. Rashali’s reaction is to renew her resolve to make sure the Sazars are destroyed or driven out of Urdaisunia, though she later comes to realize that his actions weren’t what they seemed to be and maybe there’s another solution to the Sazar-Urdai conflict.
Jackassery Index: 3


Sevry (Chosen of Azara): Again, considering everything he has to deal with, he’s a pretty nice guy. His main problems are the pressure he’s under to complete his task and, as with Eruz, a lack of social skills. For all his many and varied experiences, he’s never had to deal with someone like Lucie before. When he realizes that she’s the person he’s been looking for all this time to help him complete his mission, he uses a number of tactics to try to persuade her, including guilt-tripping. His worst act of jackassery certainly isn’t intended to be that way; it kind of just happens. He still gets himself slapped by Lucie, plus she’s never afraid to tell him that what he wants from her is out of the question.
Jackassery Index: 2

Roric (The Lost Book of Anggird): Roric scored highest on the Inner Torment scale. He’s worked very hard to build a new life for himself, and everything in his life and his world is very carefully controlled. He dislikes having any kind of chaos or unpredictability in his life. When Perarre comes into that world, he is fairly overbearing in his attempts to make her obey all his little rules for how things should be done. They work for him; shouldn’t they work for everyone? Perarre really really wants this job – or, more specifically, she wants the future opportunities that a good reference from the renowned Professor Roric Rossony will open up to her – so she goes along with it to some extent, though never without pushback, and he eventually comes to see that a little chaos in his life won’t hurt anything. Which is good, considering what happens next.
Jackassery Index: 4


Adan (Sarya’s Song): When Adan and Sarya first met, when they were teenagers, he did one thoughtless thing that caused her a lot of pain, but he didn’t mean to. She still hasn’t forgiven him. He also has a number of other faults – he feels no need at all to demonstrate false modesty, and he’s extremely fond of, er, female companionship, but he never does anything with the intent to make Sarya feel bad or to control her. He actually isn’t as big a jackass as Sarya thinks he is, but she cuts him no slack whatsoever.
Jackassery Index: 5

Silas (Daughter of the Wildings): Silas commits one supreme act of jackassery, fairly early on in the series. Even while I was writing it I was thinking, Dude, no! You don’t do that! To his credit, he realizes almost right away what he had done and why it was bad, and feels really bad about it. Lainie doesn’t hesitate to let him know how bad he’d made her feel, but after some awkward conversations and a really spectacular act of redeeming himself, she forgives him. And he’s just been a doll ever since 😀
Jackassery Index: 5

Conclusion: No one’s perfect, and everyone does stupid things that hurt someone else, even when they don’t mean to. But just because you might have had a good excuse for making a stupid mistake or otherwise doing something hurtful (past trauma, the demands of your job, temporary stupidity), there’s never a reason why you can’t apologize, do something to make up for it, and try to do better in the future.

Coming up: Bondage.


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