February 2015 Look Back; What’s Ahead in March

PictureTime for another monthly review and look ahead. The main thing in February was the release of Bad Hunting, Book 2 of Daughter of the Wildings. It had a great launch, and the series has picked up new readers! Which I’m really happy about. I also wrote a guest post on fantasy-westerns for The Speculative Fiction Showcase, a blog that promotes science fiction, fantasy, and related genres by independent authors.

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been tough, but I’m managing to establish more or less regular work hours and also to stick with an exercise routine that’s within my capabilities. Both of these seem to be helping my productivity quite a bit, especially the regular work hours.

On the A-Z reading challenge, I got sidetracked on H, reading the entire Tormay Trilogy, by Christopher Bunn, that started with The Hawk and His Boy. Highly recommended. Now I’m on I. The only “I” book on my Kindle that I already owned is a contemporary political thriller, which sounded pretty good but it turned out to be a lot more political than I’m in the mood for. So I bought a book I had a sample of, Iron Flower, by Billy Wong, book 2 of the Legend of the Iron Flower series.

In March, the main thing I’m working on, of course, is revisions and edits on The Rancher’s Daughter, Daughter of the Wildings Book 3. This one doesn’t seem to need as much work as some of the others, but it seems like I say that about every book. πŸ˜› It does seem to be true this time, though. I’m saying a release date in May, though I’d love to be able to release it in April. We’ll see how things go.

There are a lot of other projects waiting in the wings for me to get to them. Preparing Tales of Azara for release, revision of The Source-Fixer, writing The Healing Tree (working title), planning the sequel to Urdaisunia, looking at my very first novel and its sequel to see if they can be revised to release-able quality (I think so, but it’ll take some work), planning a follow-up series to Daughter of the Wildings… Right now I’m totally focused on Daughter of the Wildings, but I’m hoping that as I get more into the routine of the work hours I set and find other ways to be more productive, I can choose a secondary project to work on.

There are some publisher chores I need to get to, as well. Reworking the Books page on my site to make it more streamlined and comprehensive now that I have eight titles out and more on the way; looking at some additional sales platforms; redoing the promotional matter in my books. The to-do list never ends!

So, that’s what’s keeping me out of trouble this month.

In the meantime, through March 7, all my books are 50% off (except A Cure For Nel, which is free!) during Read an eBook Week on Smashwords! Use the coupon code on the book page to get the sale price at checkout.


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Kyra Halland has always loved fantasy. She has also always loved a good love story. She combines those two loves by writing the kinds of romantic fantasy novels she loves to read, tales of magical worlds where complicated, honorable heroes and strong, smart, feminine heroines work together to save their world - or their own small corner of it - and each other. Kyra Halland lives in southern Arizona. She's a wife, mom and mom-in-law, proud grandma, and devoted servant to three cats. View all posts by kyrahalland

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