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Mages’ Home Now Available!


I’m pleased to announce that Mages’ Home, book 1 of Defenders of the Wildings, is now available at all major ebook stores (and a number of smaller stores) for $2.99 or the international equivalent.
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You can read the prologue and first chapter here.

Defenders of the Wildings is the follow-up series to Daughter of the Wildings, and Mages’ Home catches up with Silas and Lainie some six years after the end of Daughter of the Wildings. They have a new home and the life they’ve dreamed of, and things are much better for mages in the Wildings now. But the Plain settlers aren’t the only ones who hate (or used to hate) mages, and when a company from across the western sea comes to town, trouble soon rears its ugly head again. Only Silas and Lainie have a lot more at stake now than their own lives.

Defenders of the Wildings tells a self-contained story, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read Daughter of the Wildings. (Though I hope you have, or will!) It’s a three book series, Mages’ Home to be followed by Mages’ Exile and Mages’ Uprising. It introduces a bunch of new characters I had fun writing, and gets us caught up with the characters from Daughter.

Defenders was originally 6 books, and I kept changing the order of books 1, 2, and 3 before I really got a handle on how the story went, then I combined them into 3 books. So there was a lot of work to do revising this series, and book 3 (formerly book 6) was nearly double in length by the time I finished the first big revision on it. It turned out to be a lot more epic in scope than I thought it would. But I think it’s all come together pretty well 🙂 The second revision of book 2 is proceeding apace. No promises on a release date, but I’m aiming for 3-4 months from now.

I’ve also started writing my next series, which is set in the Islands of the Wildings world, where Silas’s ancestors came from, in a time period well before the migration of Island mages to Granadaia. This will be a trilogy plus prequel. It’s still a long ways off; stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, I hope you’ll pick up Mages’ Home and enjoy starting this new adventure through the Wildings with Silas and Lainie.

Weekend special on Daughter of the Wildings Box Set!


Sept. 20-24: This weekend only, the Daughter of the Wildings Books 1-3 box set is only $2.99! I rarely put this one on sale, so don’t miss this great price!
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Mages’ Home Cover Reveal!

I’m down to the last few editing passes on Mages’ Home, Book 1 of Defenders of the Wildings, so it’s time to show off the cover!
And the full wraparound:
The artist who did the covers for Daughter of the Wildings unfortunately was not available to do these covers, so I commissioned Yuriko Matsuoko. I love her vision of a more mature Lainie and an older and (possibly) wiser Silas.

Here’s the blurb:

Once hated and hunted by mage hunters and Plain folk alike, former bounty hunters turned renegade mages Silas and Lainie Vendine finally have the life they dreamed of – a home and ranch of their own where they can live in peace and raise their family, and the liking and respect of their non-magical friends and neighbors.

When a new company from across the western sea comes to Prairie Wells, bringing marvelous new inventions, Silas and Lainie figure it only means more prosperous times ahead for them and the town – until an old and virulent hatred of mages rears its head.

As troubles stirred by unseen enemies divide the town, many of Silas and Lainie’s neighbors turn on them and danger strikes at the heart of their home and family. Silas and Lainie must find a way to protect everything they’ve worked for – their home, their land, their family, and the newfound peace and safety for mages in the Wildings – before it’s all destroyed.

Read the Prologue and Chapter 1 here (warning: contains mild spoilers for Daughter of the Wildings).

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