urdaisuniafinal_thumbnailRashali, an Urdai peasant, has vowed to destroy the Sazars who conquered Urdaisunia. Prince Eruz, the heir to the Sazar throne, walks a dangerous line between loyalty to his own people and doing what’s best for all the people of Urdaisunia. Then a chance meeting between prince and rebel and a bet between two gods set Eruz and Rashali on intertwining paths of love, danger, and war, paths that will change their lives, the land of Urdaisunia, and even the destiny of the gods, forever.

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A Cure for Nel, and Other Stories

curefornel-thumbnailThree short fantasy stories about the desires of the human heart.

The Peach Tree: Lonely seamstress Sula will do anything to gain her greatest desire.
You Can’t Take It With You: Uncle Morgi, the richest magician in the city, has died, and his most valuable possession is missing.
A Cure for Nel: When Leya’s daughter falls ill, their only hope is the man who abandoned them years ago to pursue his dreams of magic.

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Chosen of Azara

Chosen-of-Azara-thumbnailJuzeva, the princess who sacrificed everything to try to stop a war, and instead found herself caught in a web of evil and deceit…
Sevry, the last king of the war-ravaged land of Savaru, tasked with finding Juzeva’s secret, the secret that can bring Savaru back to life…
Lucie, a sheltered young noblewoman, unaware of her true heritage and the power she has to restore a lost land…
Then a mystery from the past becomes real and sweeps Lucie away to adventure, danger, and a love that will change her life and the lost land of Savaru forever.

$3.99 ebook / $11.99 trade paperback
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The Lost Book of Anggird

6583b-anggird-cover-thumbnailStodgy Professor Roric Rossony has been asked to find a way to stop the deterioration of the powerful magica. He hires Perarre Tabrano to translate books for his research, and finds his orderly existence turned upside down by his unexpected romance with her. Caught up in his new-found love and the most important work of his life, he goes too far in his search, delving into forbidden books hidden away for centuries. When the most dangerous book of all falls into the Professor’s hands, magical disaster strikes, and he and Perarre flee from the authorities in search of the secret of the magica’s origins, a journey that only their growing magical powers and their love for each other will help them survive.

$4.99 ebook / $13.99 trade paperback
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The Warrior and the Holy Man

The Warrior and the Holy ManThe Path of Haveshi Yellowcrow: When ill fortune strikes Haveshi’s clan, the remedy is heartbreaking for the young wife and mother. Guided by the Yellowcrow, god of the forsaken, she sets out on a path to regain what she lost.The Path of Latan the Clerk: Latan, a lowly clerk in service to the magical Source Tiati, has made a momentous discovery, and is summoned to present his findings to the High Priest of the Madrinan Empire. He sets out, accompanied by three hired guards, including the Krunabashai woman Haveshi Yellowcrow, on a journey that leads to unexpected danger and self-discovery.

Two fantasy stories that together make up a novella-length duology, set in the same world as Chosen of Azara.

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Sarya’s Song

Sarya-cover-front-thumbnail2In a world where music is magic, composers and singers weave powerful spells with melodies and voices. Sarya dyr-Rusac has risen from her destitute childhood to become a talented, respected Arranger of musical magic rituals, until a wedding ritual she wrote goes disastrously wrong and she falls into disgrace. Then a nameless man begins to appear in her dreams – a beautiful man in chains, who begs her to sing him free. Is he too dangerous and powerful to deal with, a threat to the man who loves her and to their world, or is he the key to solving the mysteries that threaten to tear the world apart?

$3.99 ebook / $11.99 trade paperback
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Amazon (all international stores)

Daughter of the Wildings

Beneath the CanyonsCowboys and gunslingers meet wizards in this high fantasy series inspired by the Old West. Silas Vendine is a mage and bounty hunter, on the hunt for renegade mages. He’s also a freedom fighter, sworn to protect the non-magical people of the Wildings from ambitious mages both lawless and lawful. It’s a dangerous life and Silas knows it, but when he comes to the town of Bitterbush Springs on the trail of a rogue mage, and meets Lainie Banfrey, a young woman both drawn to and terrified of her developing magical power, he finds more danger and excitement than he bargained for…

Beneath the Canyons 

$3.99 ebook / $11.99 trade paperback
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Book 2: Bad Hunting
Book 3: The Rancher’s Daughter
Book 4: To the Gap
Book 5: City of Mages
Book 6: For the Wildings

All now available!

But wait, there’s more!

Watch for these future books from Kyra Halland!


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