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Cover Reveal: Source-Breaker

Time for one of my favorite things to do, reveal a new cover! I just got the final version of the Source-Breaker cover art the other day, and I have been so excited to show this off!

illustration by mominur rahman illuminatedimages.co.uk

This is from the full wraparound cover for the paperback, showing the spine area with the left side of the arch. The back of the cover is just dark because there isn’t really anything over in that direction to show. The ebook cover will look like this:

illustration by mominur rahman illuminatedimages.co.uk

I just love this. I’ve been having the hardest time visualizing Kaniev (the dude with the sword and the handful of magic), and the artist, Mominur Rahman, and I went over a bunch of different reference photos, different poses of the same model, and this is the final result. When I saw it, I went, Wow, that’s Kaniev! Mominur has this knack for capturing my characters perfectly, and it’s always exciting to see how he brings them to life.

Here’s the short blurb for Source-Breaker (needs work; I’ll come up with a better one in time for the release):

Kaniev, a repairman of magical Sources with a series of failures behind him, and Fransisa, a Source priestess who is being displaced by a new Chosen, come up against a wizard conducting dangerous experiments with Source-power that could damage all the world’s Sources.

And here’s a peek at an early version of the scene where Kaniev and Fransisa first meet: http://www.kyrahalland.com/blog/sneak-peek-source-breaker

I’m hoping for a mid-December release for Source-Breaker. I’ve become frustrated with how long my revising and editing process takes, so I’m going to try streamlining it without sacrificing quality, and hopefully can get this book out the door in less than another month. To make sure you don’t miss out on the release and the special limited-time low introductory price, sign up for my email alerts!

November Progress Report


Checking in with a quick update on how my current projects are coming along. I’m finishing up the second major revision on Source-Breaker, the next novel I’ll be releasing. After that comes the last few rounds of edits; hopefully, this will be ready to release by mid-December. I feel like it’s been going really slow, partly because I’ve had a lot of disruptions and the CFS is really kicking me in the backside right now, and also because there’s been a fair amount of work with adjusting characterizations and things like that. But one I get through the bottleneck of those big changes, it should go a lot faster.

The other major project I’m working on right now is the first draft of Defenders of the Wildings, the follow-up series to Daughter of the Wildings. I’m writing it all at once, like one big book; it doesn’t divide up neatly into separate novels like Daughter did. It’s more episodic, like a TV serial, and I’ll probably end up releasing it that way. Like with Daughter, what I thought would be the end of Defenders actually wasn’t and I needed to add a whole other part, bringing the action back to where it started to finish everything off. But now, after a couple of false starts and more than 150,000 words, I’m within 10,000 – 15,000 words of the end, I think. Lot of work still to go, to get it revised and cleaned up and ready to release, but Daughter of the Wildings has been picking up a whole bunch of new readers lately and I’m eager to offer more Silas and Lainie sixguns and sorcery to the world.

And just to prove that yes, this thing really does exist, here’s the prologue from Defenders (unedited, straight from my brain to the keyboard):

Amber Bay shone gold, the color of its name, in the lengthening light of the late afternoon sun as three men disembarked from the Sea Dragon, the large sailing ship that had docked just a short time ago. All three of them strode down the gangplank with an air of authority — they knew they were where they were supposed to be, and they knew what they were supposed to do. One was a tall, portly man in a long, richly-embroidered robe tied with a broad blue sash. His fair skin was burned red by the sun and wind of weeks at sea; a round, flat-topped cap sat atop his white-blond hair. The second man was nearly as tall, thin, with amber skin and curling red hair cropped close to his head. He wore a well-tailored dark suit, in the manner of wealthy businessmen on this continent, as did the third man. This man was short and powerfully muscled, ebony-skinned with a long black braid trailing down his back.

As they stepped off the gangplank, followed by a knot of half a dozen retainers and assistants, a man on shore came forward from the crowd to meet them. He was tall, dark-skinned as though deeply tanned and dark-haired, also wearing a well-made dark suit. His right forefinger sported a broad gold ring set with a dark red stone. He bowed to the three men who had just come off the ship. “Underministers. Welcome to Amber Bay and the Wildings.”

The three men nodded to him. “You are Mr. Desavias?” the tall, fair-haired man asked.

He nodded. “I am. At your service, Underministers.”

“You have the items that were discussed?” the red-haired man asked.

“I do, Underministers. That is, I have constructed a prototype according to your instructions, and we have procured more of the substance to fuel it.” He nodded to his side, and a fifth man stepped forward. This man was of middling height, lean and muscular, with skin a pale lavender bordering on gray and long dark red hair twisted into thick, ropy locks. He wore tanned leather leggings and no shirt, and was carrying a metal-bound wooden box, with sides about the length of his forearms.

“That is the substance?” the fair-haired man asked Desavias.

But it was the lavender-skinned man who answered them, speaking the tongue they spoke in with surprising fluency. “It is. A gift from the P’wagimet people in exchange for the Continental Alliance’s considerations in the past and in the future. This is only a sample. Greater quantities are being safely stored in the place where the weapons will be made.”

“Excellent,” the fair-haired man said, though he still addressed his words to Desavias rather than the P’wagimet man. “And this… material works as promised?”

“It has been extensively tested, Underminister. I think you three gentlemen and your leaders will be more than pleased,” Desavias answered.

“Good,” the red-haired underminister said, but the third foreigner’s brow creased in concern.

“Are we certain that this is absolutely necessary?” he asked his companions. “It seems to me that the cost is far greater than any benefit this tactic might provide. Even considering the generous donation of the key material by this man’s people.” He nodded to the P’wagimet man.

The other two men looked at him. “If you are having doubts, Mr. Cajali,” the fair-haired one said, “please feel free to express your doubts to the Commissioner and ask to be removed from this mission.”

Cajali’s dark face blanched grayish. “I… of course I’m not having doubts, Mr. Dorbich. If you and Mr. Semov are convinced that this measure is necessary in proportion to its cost to the success of the mission, then I will not argue with that. Expansion and Regulation are your realms of expertise, not mine; I will continue to concern myself only with affairs of business.”

“When you gentlemen have rested from your journey, we will discuss preparations for the journey to the outpost,” Desavias said. “Of course, because of the difficulties in transporting the devices, they must be manufactured much closer to the Wildings — what you call the Middle Lands. And it is more convenient to have headquarters there, as well.”

Lut Dorbich, Underminister of Expansion for the Continental Alliance’s foray into this new continent, looked at his companions. “Thank you. I believe we will be ready to depart Amber Bay in the morning. We have been forced into inactivity during the long journey; it is time to begin moving forward. Are we agreed on that?”

Yugalis Semov, Underminister of Regulation, nodded in agreement. After a brief hesitation, Gidejoni Cajali, Underminister of Enterprise, nodded as well.

“Very good,” Desavias said. “I have a carriage waiting right over here, to take you to your hotel. Follow me, please.”

Following the mage and the P’wagimet man, the three Underministers walked to a carriage waiting near the busy, crowded pier and climbed in.

Sneak Peek: Source-Breaker

Since the Weird Western StoryBundle and the accompanying blogging blitz ended, I’ve been trying to get caught up on other work. I’m making progress on both the first draft of Defenders of the Wildings, the follow-up to the Daughter of the Wildings series, and on the revisions of my upcoming release, Source-Breaker (formerly known under the working title The Source-Fixer). I don’t have a cover yet for Source-Breaker, though I’ve ordered one from my cover artist and I’m eagerly waiting to see what he comes up with. My next book after Source-Breaker will be Heir of Tanaris, and I do have the preliminary sketch for the cover art for that, and it’s gorgeous! Anyway, to keep you entertained in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek from Chapter 1 of Source-Breaker, where Kaniev, our intrepid but struggling repairman of broken magical Sources, meets Fransisa, the priestess in charge at Source Chaitrasse (remember, this is an early version; there’s still a lot of editing to go on it):

Somewhere deep inside the building, a bell rang. A moment later, a girl in a white robe opened the door and blinked up at him. “Yes?” she asked in a high, sweet, barely audible voice.

Green eyes, creamy fair skin, golden curls; she clearly wasn’t from this part of the Kingdoms. Probably closer to the Kriethi border. She was very young, maybe thirteen years old or so; probably the youngest of several daughters, put into service here because her family couldn’t afford a dowry for her. Poor child. “I would like to see Sera Fransisa, if you please,” Kaniev said kindly.

The girl blinked again. She looked rather thin, her fair skin nearly translucent, as though she had been ill for a long time. “May I ask –”

“Aislinne.” The stern voice of a woman cut off the girl’s words. “Return to your studies. You are to let the stewards open the door and greet visitors.”

The girl’s cheeks reddened. “Yes, Sera Fransisa. I was only –”

“Now. Don’t argue with me. It is unsuitable for you to be speaking with strangers, especially strange men.”

The girl’s flush deepened, and she lowered her gaze. “Yes, Sera Fransisa.” Then she backed away from the partly-opened door, making room for the woman who replaced her there.

The first thing Kaniev noticed was her ample bosom, impressively corseted beneath the elaborately draped and pleated white robes. He wouldn’t call Sera Fransisa fat, but she did have substance to her, something he appreciated in a woman. The woman was under a vow of celibacy, he reminded himself. Whatever his other faults, and they were many, he wasn’t in the habit of seducing women who had made such vows.

Unless they wanted to be seduced.

Sternly, he made himself focus his gaze on her face, which was still considerably below his own eye level. Warm brown eyes set in a smooth, oval, olive-skinned face met his straight on. A few faint lines showed at the corners of her eyes and mouth. Her rich chestnut hair, done up in elaborate buns and curls, had only a few threads of gray in it. She wasn’t young, neither was she far into middle age. Probably about his age, give or take a year or two.

“Yes?” Sera Fransisa said without the slightest sign of interest or any other emotion other than annoyance.

This one clearly had no interest in being seduced. Maybe, with luck, he could still over-awe her with his stunning good looks and masculinity so that she wouldn’t laugh at him too much when he failed to fix her Source that chances were she didn’t even know was broken. “My name is Kaniev. I…”

“If you’re begging, you can go work in the fields, and at supper time we’ll give you a meal and ten pennies.”

As you can tell, this relationship is off to a wonderful start 😛

Watch for the cover reveal and the release of Source-Breaker, a novel of Estelend, coming up later this fall. And to make sure you don’t miss out on release news and special limited-time low introductory pricing, sign up for my email alerts.

99 cent Science Fiction and Fantasy Sale

Sept. 3-4: Don’t miss the big 99 cent Science Fiction and Fantasy Sale! This one includes all the big retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play, and Smashwords. Tons of books are priced at 99 cents – science fiction, fantasy, sci fi/fantasy romance, dystopian, and even some multi-novel box sets! (selection varies by store)  Chosen of Azara is part of the sale, available at all the retailers, so if you haven’t read it yet, now’s your chance to get this multi-generational tale of magic, adventure, and love for only 99 cents.

Also, The Brilliant Career of Sajur Golu and Other Tales of Azara, a companion volume to Chosen of Azara, is only 99 cents right now (regular price will be $2.99). Available at the following stores:
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Tales of Azara now available


Taking a quick break from the Weird Western StoryBundle to announce that The Brilliant Career of Sajur Golu and Other Tales of Azara is now available. This companion volume to Chosen of Azara contains the following stories:

  • The Brilliant Career of Sajur Golu: The rise of Sajur vo Udrun from petty official’s son to High Priest of the Madrinan Empire.
  • Coming Home: In a last, desperate effort to save her life, young Juzeva arrives at Source Azara.
  • Turn the Heart: Torn between love and duty, Prince Idan must make a choice.
  • Comfort Enough: Several years after his deal with Azara, Sevry comes to terms with one of the sacrifices demanded by his new life.
  • Baby Steps: A widowed baron must find the courage to love again.
  • Mothers, Daughters, and Dreamers: All Lillia wants is for her mother to pay attention to her instead of to her dreams of a long-lost land.
  • The Man in the Woods: Lucie’s visions over the years of a mysterious man in the woods.
  • What A Man Has to Do: Estefan’s future father-in-law assigns him an almost impossible task.
  • Homecoming: Lillia struggles to come to terms with the truth of her mother’s life.

To give you a taste of what’s in this collection, I’ve posted “Coming Home” over in the Read Right Here section.

The regular price on this collection will be $2.99, but now through Sept. 5 you can get it for only 99 cents at the following stores:

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Also, Chosen of Azara is only 99 cents through Sept. 5!

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July/August Progress Report, and Music Monday

cover photo Artranq | Dreamstime.com

Time for another monthly progress report, one week into August.

July was busy with family reunion/vacation and some other stuff, so I didn’t get as much writing done as I hoped I would. I did finally figure out the follow-up Wildings series, which now also has a name, Defenders of the Wildings. I solved the story problems (I think); the events of book 1 make the most sense coming in the middle of book 2, which means I’m splitting book 2 in half and putting book 1 in the middle, with much attendant reworking of the two books. The story seems to be working better now, but what it means for the series is that this series won’t be structured in nice, neat novel-length episodes like Daughter of the Wildings. I can’t tell yet if it’s going to be one large, disjointed book (my least favorite option), two short and somewhat less disjointed books, or a series of shorter serial-style episodes. Right now I’ve got book 1 (now the second episode) rewritten and I’m constructing episode 1 out of the first part of the old book 2. The whole thing is roughly outlined, and I added a concluding episode which wasn’t in the original plan, to tie up the story in a more satisfactory fashion. (I also had to do this with Daughter of the Wildings, which first I thought would be five books, then I realized I needed a sixth book.) I’m also getting ideas for another follow-up set of books, called Children of the Wildings, starring, well, I’ll let you guess!

I’ve also been working on edits of Tales of Azara, now titled The Brilliant Career of Sajur Golu and Other Tales of Azara. See my hopefully-not-too-lame cover I made for it above. If you’ve read Chosen of Azara, you may remember Sajur Golu as the evil, corrupt priest. This collection of short stories contains the story of his rise to the position of High Priest of Source Dar and of the Madrinan Empire, along with other background stories, character vignettes, and alternate points of view of scenes in the book. I’m looking at releasing it sometime before the end of August, in conjunction with the debut of a new cover for Chosen of Azara. Getting a new cover for Chosen of Azara was a very difficult decision; I love the current cover but it just isn’t quite right for the genre and while it represents the characters of Sevry and Lucie very well, it doesn’t really convey a sense of the story. None of this is the fault of the artist; I love Design by Katt‘s work and highly recommend her for beautiful photomanipulation covers. Rather, it’s the difficulty in finding base photos to work with that are right for the book. Also, with two more novels in the Estelend world scheduled to come out later this year and early next year, I wanted to re-brand the Chosen cover to fit with the others and with The Warrior and the Holy Man, which is also set in Estelend. So I commissioned Mominur Rahman, the artist who did the amazing Daughter of the Wildings covers and also the new covers for Urdaisunia and Warrior and the Holy Man, to do these next three covers. I got the final art for Chosen today, and it’s gorgeous. Watch for the cover reveal, coming soon!

So I’ve hinted at some exciting things coming up, and new cover art is one of them. The others I still can’t talk about, but they’re really cool. Stay tuned for news!

And finally, since it’s Music Monday, here’s a video for you. This is “My Therapy” from the album Haven by Kamelot, which is the theme song for my character Davreos from Heir of Tanaris, one of my upcoming Estelend books. (Apparently WordPress will no longer let me embed videos, so I can only give you the link.)

Music Monday: Source-Fixer Playlist

Another Music Monday and a new project means it’s time to make a new playlist! Part of the fun of working on a new novel is putting together a playlist for it. I wrote the first draft of The Source-Fixer without really having a playlist in mind, but now as I’m planning the revision, it’s started to come together.

The Source-Fixer (this may graduate from working title to actual title) is about two people in the middle of life (Kaniev is forty; Fransisa won’t admit to her age but, just between you and me, she’s also forty) who lose everything that’s given meaning and purpose to their lives up until now, then find new life and hope in a place they never expected. And yes, it’s a fantasy-romance (I am who I am), but kind of different. So with that in mind, here are my songs for the book:

  • “Story of My Life,” Social Distortion – Kaniev’s song
  • “Magic Man,” Heart – A little out of my usual listening. Could work for Fransisa and Kaniev, but I actually chose it for the villain, Ardavos, and his lover Sivael.
  • “Twist of Fate,” Visions of Atlantis – “It’s never too late,” kind of the theme of the book.
  • “Diamond in the Rough,” Social Distortion – Kaniev doesn’t make a good impression at first, but he cleans up well.
  • “The Secret,” Visions of Atlantis – A theme of finding love after losing everything
  • “Kiss Me Till It Bleeds,” Nina Gordon – Fransisa doesn’t really want to be falling in love with Kaniev, but she kind of can’t help it.
  • “The Golden State,” John Doe – This is also on the Sarya’s Song playlist. Perfect for two lovers who get on each other’s nerves but still can’t live without each other.

For your listening enjoyment, here’s the playlist on Spotify.

April Progress Report


Finally surfacing for air after recovering from getting For the Wildings ready to release and diving into the next projects on the list. It’s still hard to believe that Daughter of the Wildings is complete and published (except for the paperback; I’ve just started working on that). It started as just an experiment about 4 1/2 years ago, then that one book turned into a 5-book series, then 6 books, and turned into a story that I felt absolutely compelled, driven, to publish. There was a time, a little over two years ago, when I was honestly afraid I might not live to finish it, but the problem turned out to be relatively mild and self-correcting and *knock on wood* I hope I won’t have any more similar problems for the foreseeable future. I do need to try to get back to the better health habits I was working on before.

Anyway. So, yeah, Daughter of the Wildings, the project of my heart, my obsession for the last few years, is out there now, and it’s time to move on to other things. Next up is The Source-Fixer (still trying to think of a different title, and not having much luck). I’m nearly done with the triage phase of the first big revision. This book started out as a project I abandoned many years ago, then I figured out how to finish it and wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo in 2014. Now that I’m reading through it, I’m seeing things I love about it and also some major issues. Nothing unfixable, though.

I’ve also initiated the process of getting cover art for Source-Fixer and Heir of Tanaris, and a new cover for Chosen of Azara. Since these are all set in the same world, I want to re-brand Chosen with a cover to match the other two books. I love getting new cover art, and I’m so excited to see how these are going to look!

In other news, as a result of my commitment to write 1000 words a day/250,000 words this year, I have a bunch of short stories waiting to be published. I’ll be releasing the first collection of five soon (finishing up the final edits on them). Email subscribers will have the opportunity to get the collection for free 🙂

And also, as part of writing 1000 words a day, I now find myself nearly 7500 words into book 2 of the follow-up series to Daughter of the Wildings. I finished the draft of book 1, then was wondering how to get to the next major plot point in the series story arc, and realized what I needed was a range war! So I did some reading up on range wars in the Old West, and book 2 just kind of came together. Daughter of the Wildings may be finished, but I’m not done with the world or the characters quite yet.

Last month I planted some vegetables in my new raised gardening box. Let’s check in on how my little green things are doing:

Picture Snow peas – looking good!

Picture The mixed lettuce is doing pretty good too.

Picture Broccoli, not so much, but there’s a few of them coming up.

A reminder: if you read For the Wildings, don’t forget to go to the link at the end of the book to download a free Silas and Lainie short story, “A Good Example”! The story has major spoilers for the book, so don’t read it before you finish For the Wildings 🙂

Finally, since it’s Music Monday, I’ll leave you with the video of Insomnia from Kamelot’s album Haven.

March Progress Report


We’re 2/3 of the way through March, so I guess it’s time for a mid-month progress report (which started out as a look back/look ahead at the start of each month. Schedules are not really my thing.). I’ve mainly been working on edits to For the Wildings, the 6th and last book of Daughter of the Wildings, and now, finally, I’m on to the final proofreads. Looking at a release date the week of March 28. To make sure you don’t miss the announcement (and the special limited-time introductory price), go on over to the sidebar or to my email signup page and sign up for my email alerts. No spam, and I won’t share your info, and you can get information about new releases and special offers, and maybe even a freebie once in a while!

I’m also working on edits to a Silas and Lainie short story, “A Good Example”, set the summer after the events of For the Wildings. It’ll be available as a free bonus for people who read For the Wildings. You don’t want to read it without reading book 6, since it contains major spoilers for the book!

Being up to my eyeballs in edits for this book I really want to get out, I’ve slacked off a little on writing new words every day. I’m going to have to work a little harder to meet my word count goal for this month, but I did finish the first draft of the first book of the follow-up series to Daughter of the Wildings! It’s going to be a while before any of this sees the light of day, though.

Coming up next, I’ll be starting on revision of The Source-Fixer (working title, though I might end up keeping it since I’m having trouble thinking of something better). This novel is a return to Estelend, the world of Chosen of Azara, where magic comes from Sources, which are natural features like caves, trees, springs, and so on. Kaniev, the main character, has the job of repairing them when things go wrong, but some problems are harder to fix than others!

I’ve also got a new collection of short stories just about ready to release, probably in April (they’re all done and edited, but the final proofread and putting the book together got shuffled to the side while I finish For the Wildings). Email subscribers will have the opportunity to get this for free.

As for reading, again, that’s been taking second place to getting the book finished, though I’m still on track for my goal of 30 books for the year. I’ll get caught up with the reading roundups again soon.

And, finally, a new project: we got a raised gardening box put in our back yard, and I planted some seeds! Snow peas, mixed lettuce, and broccoli. I’m terrible at growing things, but there’s good soil in this box and it’s on the watering system so I don’t even have to remember to water the plants, so we’ll see if this works. Hopefully stuff will start to grow (besides weeds; it seems like weeds are the only things that like to grow around here!), and I’ll post photos of the progress. Here’s the first one, of my garden right after I planted the seeds:


 So, watch for For the Wildings coming soon, and with any luck my next garden picture will have little green sprouty things in it!

Happy New Year part 2: What’s coming in 2016

PictureSo the cold I thought was getting better when I wrote the post on Saturday got worse again yesterday, now today maybe it’s a little better again… *sigh* But at least I’m able to sit up and write instead of being sick in bed, so here’s a look ahead at my plans and goals for 2016:

For the Wildings, the conclusion of the Daughter of the Wildings series, is first up. It’s still going through major revisions, with some editing stages still ahead, but is progressing steadily. I still don’t want to give a release date, but will likely be in a couple of months. Now that things are settling down after the holidays and I’m not quite as sick as I was, I should start to be able to spend a little more time on it.After that, I’ll be returning to my Estelend word, the world of Chosen of Azara, The Warrior and the Holy Man, and “A Cure For Nel”. This world is built around the idea of physical features in the landscape (caves, springs, trees, water spouts, etc) that are Sources of magical power, and certain people are born with the ability to take in and use that power. The Source-Fixer (crappy working title) and Heir of Tanaris are both complete in first draft and will be my next two published novels, coming out this year (I hope; they both need a lot of work).

Along with getting these three novels ready for publication, I’ve committed to writing 1000 words of new prose every day, whether short stories, novels, or writing exercises that might turn into a story. Blog and forum posts do NOT count! My writing goal for the year is 250,000 words (allowing for Sundays off and other days when new writing just isn’t going to happen, like Christmas and travel days). I almost made it 300,000 words, but while I’m still developing the habit, I don’t want to overshoot myself. I may raise my goal to 300k later this year. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to write 1000 words, so it takes some portion of my 3-4 good working hours a day but not too much.

So, with writing 1000 words a day, that’s a lot of new stuff. A lot of it is going to be short stories. My plans for those vary – put them in collections for sale, post some of them here, use some of them for freebies for my email subscribers. This is an exciting new direction for me, having more work to release and to be able to give away. And it should help fill in the intervals between novel releases.

In the background, I’m also planning a follow-up series for Daughter of the Wildings. If you’ve read City of Mages, you might have noticed a whole new source of conflict mentioned in the book, which isn’t related to the main conflict of the Daughter of the Wildings series but which I want to explore more fully in another series. Of course, Silas and Lainie will still be the main characters 🙂 I’ve got the basic plot idea for the first book and I’m working on the overall story arc for the whole series, but can’t give any kind of timetable yet for when to expect it. Hopefully, if the prep work comes together, I can start putting my 1000 words a day towards that project later this year. As with DoW, my plan is to write the whole thing all the way through, so the whole thing is finished and readers won’t be left dangling for years wondering when (or if) the next book will ever be written. Should worse come to worst, if nothing else, I (or my heirs) can post any of it that remains unpublished online.

I’ve also got ideas for a couple of Silas and Lainie short stories 😀 and there are a lot of possibilities left open in the books to fill in with more stories.

And I’m still mulling over the sequel to Urdaisunia. The DoW follow-up gets priority, but it’s there in the background, humming along in the back of my mind.

And one of these days I’ll also get to revising my Very First Novel Ever and its sequel.

So I’ve got no shortage of stuff to work on; the main issue is prioritizing and managing my limited energy as best I can.

On the reading front, I’ve set my Goodreads reading challenge to 30 books for this year. (I realized that some of my 62 books last year are my own books that I added, but since I read each of them 5-6-7 times before publishing them, I suppose that counts 😛 ) One of my specific goals is to finish reading (or make significant progress on) the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, by Steven Erikson. I love these books; Wheel of Time and Song of Ice and Fire just didn’t do it for me but Malazan is amazing. And – bonus – the series is complete at 10 books. I’ve just started reading book 6, The Bonehunters; since these are massive books and very deep and heavy, it’s probably optimistic to expect to read 5 of them in a year. But I’m going to try. I’m also planning to get started on the Stormlight Archives series by Brandon Sanderson (another of my favorite authors). And Larry Correia is a new favorite, whose books I’ll be reading more of this year. But mostly, as the last few years, most of my reading will be indie authors. I’ll keep doing reading roundup posts to share my recommendations.

As for my health, I’ve taken the concept of “one little word” (where you pick a single word to use as your theme for the year) and selected “nourish” as my word. This year I’ll be taking baby steps to nourish myself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Most likely, I’m never going to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I can do things to help my body make the most of the health and energy it does have and increase them a little. And since a major factor in crashes and relapses is stress, finding ways to relieve/reduce stress and keep myself in better balance will reduce my crashes and increase my good, usable time and energy. Any success I have in this will hopefully manifest itself in greater writing productivity.

That’s my plans and goals for the new year; wishing you health, happiness, and progress on your own goals and dreams in 2016!

And now, back to work.